Welcome to Oshigambo High School’s website. .

We hope you are enjoying a wonderful straw-hat season. We are so delighted that you are still part of our amazing learning community. Welcome, and please be assured that we have valued your positive energy and keenness to excellence in education.

The school is still devoting its resources to the searching of suitable teaching and learning approaches. One of the most recent developments is the launching of its website, www.ohs.edu.na 

This platform will simplify the process of updating the most recent information to the parents. Simultaneously, marketing the school around the globe. The dais has the student portal embedded in it; to close the information gap between the school and individual parents. The student portal will be enabling the parents to participate in the teaching and learning process rather than waiting for the occasionally disappointing results.

Additionally, information regarding assessments, student financial stands, studentinfractions, and permissions will be shared with individual parents. The student portal, however, will not be accessed by unauthorised persons.

Dear parents, in this technologically advanced age, attending a workshop or simply a vacation leave by a teacher should not hinder the teaching and learning process. To attest to that end,the school has introduced Learning Management Systems, MOODLE.

Through MOODLE, our students will be able to receive the teaching instructions from their teachers, from any location at any given time. Thanks to the availability of smart boards, internet access in every classroom, students’ laptops and CCTV cameras.

In conclusion dear esteemed parents, we do understand the fact that though the school is conscientiously seeking answers to questions affecting our students' education, other factors may change the questions in the middle of the research; due to the diversity in education and the increasing social complexity. However, we are dutifully determined to realign the sequence of teaching and learning.

Your dutifully,

School Principal