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 The current grade 12

The time has come for grade 12 students to disembark from Oshigambo train, leaving behind lovely memories for those who will ride it at station 2023. We appreciate you being a significant passenger on our train. It has been a pleasure to travel with you. Dear students, go forth and embrace your future with wide arms, passionately pursuing your own personal life adventure. Give committed help to humanity and live a happy life. Read More


 Oshigambo does it again

The school scooped the award for the best grades 11 and 12 (A to B symbols) with a pass rate of 93.6% for the former and 71% for the latter. The top three best grade 11 teachers in the region all hail from Oshigambo High School. In In third place was Onesmus Chauraya (56%), Phillipah Bandason (56%), while in second place Simeon Ngweda secured a pass rate of (74%) and in the first place was Miika Ashipala with a pass rate of 79%. Linus Nghaambelwa from Oshigambo High School was undisputed and scooped the best grade 12 teacher in the region with a pass rate of 75%.

English as a second language has proven to be a difficult subject in the northern regions but Miika Ashipala who teaches at Oshigambo High School scored a 98.4% pass rate with his grade 11 learners, while his grade 12 learners had a 75% pass rate, making him the best English second language teacher in the region.

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2021 National Exams Grade A to C Symbols Only

With the fourth industrial revolution upon us, it is essential to have a youth that is technology savvy. For grade 11 learners, our Computer Studies teachers, Onismus Chauraya and Phillipah Bandason both scored a 100% pass rate. The same teachers scored a pass rate 0f 87% in Computer Science for their grade 12 pupils.

Selma Nangolo, Anna-Lisa Awene, Grace Pohamba, and Faith Shimpanda are pupils from Oshigambo High School who made it to the top 100 grade 11 learners nationally.

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Our history

Oshigambo High School, is a school in Oshigambo in the Oshikoto Region of northern Namibia. It is situated approximately 26 km east of Ondangwa. Oshigambo High School is surrounded by some of the special features which make it a tourist attraction. The school buildings sandwich a river which flows from Angola to the Kunene River. On its shores there is the well-known fig tree omukwiyugwemanya, this name is derived from he nature of the tree, the fact that it grew on a rock


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These are the people that take care of our children by cooking, cleaning and making the environment of Oshigambo conducive for learning